One of the best contemporary punk bands in the world is back with their second LP straight from the beating heart of Santa Ana, California. Expect more timeless tunes with an extra punch ala Adolescents and Eskorbuto.

Vinyl LP Now Available for Pre-order

Pest Control

Don't Test The Pest

Expect to have your brain well and truly fumigated by Leeds' new defenders of crossover thrash!

Vinyl LP Now Available

Stiff Meds

Tales from the Slab

UKHC fast hardcore at it's finest.

Vinyl LP Now Available


Mazandaran EP

Japanese and Skandinavian 80s hardcore punk via four members of the Iranian diaspora armed with ancient Persian mythology to shine a vengeful light on the current Iranian regime.

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Shooting Star

Debut LP from NYC's most ethereal and Wretched spell casters. Haunting, chaotic, simply incredible.

Vinyl LP Now Available


Freeze Motherfuckerz

Blend of Krackdown and Outburst era NYHC with a still distinct London hardcore sound to blow your fuckin’ face off!

12`` Vinyl EP now available


Go to Heaven

From Slayer, to Merauder, to H8000, to Arkangel to Integrity, a masterclass in metallic hardcore songwriting by the strong beating heart of Stockholm HC

Vinyl LP now available

Blow Your Brains Out

The Big Escape

You were hyped for Tokyo/Kanagawa prospects' demo with its instant hit mix of Cro-mags and Dynamo style influenced hardcore and were excited to hear what they would do next!

12`` Vinyl EP now available


Terror Zone

Straight from the heart of downtown Bruxelles comes Instructor, with bucketloads of attitude and energy from people living and breathing the life.

Vinyl LP Now Available

T.S. Warspite

Stop the Rot

T.S. Warspite channel their message through a unique musical recipe that answers the question no one asked: What if Bad Religion grew up in Manchester in the 2000s?

Vinyl LP Now Available


Untamed Force

Kings of Hardcore Thrash head out on a blunt force killing spree

Vinyl LP now available


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