Oblivion Opens

Imposter unleash their sinister debut LP showcasing a unique sound that’s as if Bathory had incorporated Cold as Life into their sound. Deeply personal, incredibly inventive, you are in for a wild and dark ride.

LP out now

Direct Threat

Endless Siege

From Denver, Colorado we get mad Oi influenced Hardcore. Fast with a big bite.

7`` EP Out Now

Take it in Blood

Roadmap of Pain

The one and only tracksuit skinheads mix up Neglect dark ambiance with the groove of Dmize and Next Step Up.

Pre-order the 12`` EP now


Blow the Bloody Doors Off!

Dynamite breath a fresh take on Youth of Today meets mid 2000s Boston hardcore, a difficult genre to pull off these days, with their debut EP. Their live shows speak for themselves and the energy is off the chain!

The 7`` is out now



BIB are back with a new 5 song 7” showcasing what they are known for: frantic, keep you on your toes, but equally poetic and self-reflective, hardcore punk.

The 7`` EP is out now


Jahanam Btistana

Raging anti-colonial hardcore punk sang in Arabic and English, in the vain
of Stop and Think and No Tolerance.

The demo tape is out now


Bullet Ballet

Padova Ferrara wild style in the vein of NYHC ala Outburst but with extraterrestrial solos and dive bombs with hardcore in the background fronted by a demon. Totally nuts.

Vinyl MLP Out Now



One of the best contemporary punk bands in the world is back with their second LP straight from the beating heart of Santa Ana, California. Expect more timeless tunes with an extra punch ala Adolescents and Eskorbuto.

Vinyl LP Is Out Now


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