Big Cheese

Andrey Rodionov

Big Cheese have established themselves firmly in the UK hardcore scene, after releasing the Sports Day Demo in 2016, followed by the phenomenally received Aggravated Mopery 7inch, as well as a New Wave of British Hardcore FM live tape and Discography 12inch. They have developed a signature approach to hardcore that skilfully ties together complex rhythms and melodies into catchy and memorable songs with a powerful intensity, inspired by late 80s inspired NYHC ala Rest in Pieces and NWOBHM. In 2020 they released their debut LP, Punishment Park’, which contained nods to sounds from the Demo and 7inch but pushed the boat out even further, incorporating thrashier riffs and hard rock licks akin to Motörhead. Explosive. Not only that, but after touring Europe twice, and the USA, as well as doing a UK stint with Turnstile, Big Cheese have shown themselves to be one of the most devastating hardcore live bands on the planet right now.