Iiro Kuosmanen

Forming in 2014, this Orange County (Californa) based powerhouse got people’s attention quick, and proceeded to carve out an immensely praised discography, which includes two LPs, as well as tours around the world. Their signature is a blend of heavy, rhythmic, start-stop guitars and vocalist Stith’s poetic and thoughtful lyrics. Think hardcore, but taking the best bits of Orange County post hardcore bands and blending it in deftly. They also always think about how best to be a part of the hardcore community, by having their finger on the pulse by booking shows etc., and that is how Fury came to the QCHQ house to do a quick cassette with three tracks in 2017. Two would end up being re-recorded for the Failed Entertainment LP, and one is a cover of the often overlooked band, Ability. Whilst the American version of this tape, self-released by the band, is donating it’s digital and physical proceeds to Planned Parenthood, the European release on Quality Control Records is donating to WAR – Women Against Rape and BWRAP – Black Women’s Rape Action Project.