Andy Jones

Silver is one of the new breed of hardcore exploding out of Northern Italy, where experimental heavy music is the norm accompanied by a unique visual art style. Based between Padova and Ferrara, Silver are part of a dedicated group of people who have been growing the DIY hardcore punk community there for some time, spearheaded by Venezia Hardcore Fest, one of the best in Europe. The members not only are part of the team behind the aforementioned fest, run a local label, Pariah Posers, book shows and screenprint merch, but also rock in a multitude of bands, namely 3ND7R.

Since 2017 Silver has shown it is very much a product of this environment, showcasing a unique take on mid to late 80s NYHC. This is where street sorcery meets heavy metal knowledge, or to put it simply, extraterrestrial solos and divebombs with hardcore in the background are fronted by some sort of demon on vocals. The debut MLP, Bullet Ballet, is named after the 1998 film by Shinya Tsukamoto: a violent cry born from the scars of depression and self-destruction, which vocalist Alberto channels throughout his lyrics.

After a demo, Silver released a remix tape as the members are also entrenched within the electronic music scene, and you can very much tell this from some of the rhythms meandering through leads that sound like they are being played at an enormous warehouse rave. It’s time to dance to Silver’s tune.

FFO: Killing Time, Outburst and early Exodus.