Take it in Blood


Imagine making a band that’s equal parts Neglect, Mayhem and Flatlinerz made by some Paris skinheads et voila, you get Take it in Blood. Those who love CD-only 90s heavy hardcore will recognise the vibe instantly, carrying that distinctive sound where the drums and bass lead the charge. Every part is a dance part, and the pace is relentless. The lyrics are as dark and painful as any Sheer Terror or Neglect track, and straight to the point without any of that high brow shit. Sung by Tonio, who grew up in the tower blocks around Paris, personal stories are retold in songs such as Roadmap of Pain or 20 Bars of Love. Part of the new wave of Paris hardcore, along with bands like Worst Doubt, Heabussa and labelmates Cold Decay, Take it in Blood also record at ‘the spot’, aka Chateau Vergogne, known for its vintage sounds, run by Maxime from Rixe. The result is a drum sound that feels like it’s beating up your eardrums and gang vocals that sound like they recorded 2000 people in a stadium. What’s not to like?

We’re Take it in Blood, far from being the greatest, close to being the realest.