The Flex

Natalie Wood

The meat and potatoes of the NWOBHC and one of the core founders of the explosion of hardcore in the UK in 2011, beginning with their first demo in 2012. Along with bands like Violent Reaction, Obstruct and Arms Race, they took their love of early NYHC and Boston HC, bands such as Agnostic Front, Abused and SS Decontrol, and shifted it into the realm of music that in itself was the influence of the aforementioned bands with UK82 styles such as Ultra Violent and Discharge. The Flex brought a bit more of a direct thump to proceedings, aka it’s clobbering time, with helpful stop starts before their mosh parts to indicate its time to step into the pit. A right cast of characters making friends wherever they go, and strong red theme in all their releases adds to the musical aesthetic driven by Andy and Liam from the band. Alongside main releases are also the series of Flexual Healing tapes that contain live recordings and promo material. Go collect them all as they are all gold! Liam also co-ran Milk Run Records (RIP) that put out most of The Flex’s catalogue until 2018. Live show wise there is no such thing as a bad set from The Flex and under their belts are nestled three epic tours across the USA with Violent Reaction, Red Death and Arms Race respectively, as well as numerous European jaunts. One of the last of the first gen of NWOBHC to still be going! Respect.