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Relentless hardcore from Denver. From Sorry State Records Debut 7inch from this band out of Denver. I hear elements of SSDs powerful and crunchy, Discharge-influenced sound, a little NYHC, and some Blazing Eye-esque pogo hardcore on one track (Double Lifeinch), all wrapped up in a bleak and gritty aesthetic. Blood Loss is hardly reinventing the wheel, but they have some memorable parts, particularly on the closing Spineless-Relentless,inch on which they work in some cool Negative Approach-style stops and starts and a burst of lead guitar. A ripping EP for those of you who love fast and tough, no-nonsense hardcore. From CvltNation Is BLOOD LOSS the bomb? Hell fucking yes! This Denver band lays down some sick as fuck hardcore that is urgent and intense!!! If they were kicking out the jams in 80s SoCal, I know for a fact John Macias of Circle One — Punx would book them for a show. I am not saying they are on some retro shit, but I can hear an 80s influence – BLOOD LOSS songs are fresh and not contrived at all. I would love to see them live because I know they must bring the pain! Every fucking moment of their soon to be released self-titled 7 inch is dripping with wild passion that can not and should not be controlled! 300 copies pressed on black vinyl Tracklisting 1. Who s to Blame? 2. Human Machine 3. Trapped 4. Double Life 5. Spineless-Relentless Listen to the 7inch here

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