C4 / Worn Split Your Skull In Half Split 7″


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Listen here: https://tribedreamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-your-skull-in-half

On the heels of 2 of the best records in recent memory, WORN and C4 team up to demonstrate why the Northeast is the best place for hardcore. Each band brings 2 new tracks and a cover to the TRIBE’s first album l vinyl release. Pure HC in a time where everyone is trying blow up, play a corporate fest and get sponsored by a beer company. 2023 is the year of the split…


1. Abyss Gazes Back
2. Stretched To Waste
3. Time to Eat (Originally by C4)
1. Crush Your Enemies
2. Chainsaw Rampage
3. Acidic Blood (Originally by Worn)

Recorded by The Chef at Hell’s Kitchen
Vocals for Worn recorded by Sean Kenny @ The Kenny Estate
Mixed & Mastered by HC Will.I.Am @ Gate 4 Studio
Art & Layout by Pete Maria
Additional Vocals on “Crush Your Enemies” by COA

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