Colossal Maus Hardcore Fanzine w/Killing Frost, Foreseen, Echo Chamber, Worn


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Colossal Maus #1
12 A4 pages

A mouse who other mice and cats had been fucking with his entire life and he wasn’t taking it anymore. A mouse you look at and think: this is a mouse “who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is a mouse who stood up.” A mouse who doesn’t want to see covid masks with band logos on them. A mouse who doesn’t use Spotify. He thinks a music app has no value if WarZone’s “the Tommy Rat demo” or the “Dedicated To Babies demo” with Nick Woj on vocals is not available on it. A mouse who plays a type of music that is painful to most people’s ears. A mouse who is not offended by a bad review in Maximum Rocknroll rather has known for a long time that a bad MRR review is a good review. A mouse who sometimes still can believe that fanzines are an integral part of hardcore.

Zine from Hungary and named after Colossal Man by the Psychos, this is a proper zine with stories and opinions. It’s also dead cheap but has plenty to read so well worth your time and coin. The shipping is sort of mad for something so light so best thing to do is to add this to an order you have going rather than buying this on it’s own. Won’t add to your shipping total.

Interviews with Foreseen, Killing Frost, Echo Chamber and Worn




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