Colossal Maus Issue 3 Rival Mob, Instructor, Spoiler


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Issue 3:

Bad Choice, Instructor, False Negative, Severe, Forced Humility, Mundane Moshers fanzine, Society Suckers fanzine, What Did We Gain fanzine, Spoiler, Ben Pepin, Dini, Seb Thauer, the raw life attitude.

The Rival Mob lived the raw life when they placed a Down But Not Out cover track on their record. Adam lived the raw life when he took a bite from the forbidden fruit. Mike Vronsky and Nick Chevotarevich lived the raw life when they played Russian roulette in The Deer Hunter. Travis Bickle lived the raw life when he lifted his bloody fingers shaping a gun to his neck and imitated the sound of a gunshot in Taxidriver. Rupert Pupkin lived the raw life when during his standup performance he declared having kidnapped Jerry Langford. Do you?

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