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Comuniones first EP is perfect in its imperfection, because it captures the perfect, invisible essence of the visible, imperfect world. From the memories of the childhood country home in the Marche region, and the load of destructive and totalizing emotions that come with carrying ghosts around, to the assault on Milan, the city of lights, of oversized egos, of psychopathy and infinite sadness. Everyone who lives here has lost something, and goes through war to fill that void—sometimes through their creative process. Alessandro, Comuniones sole member, doesnt know what hes done with these seven songs. Its not even a coincidence that they are seven, but he doesnt know that either. Because, like all true artists (for lack of a better word) he is a fool, capable, without knowing, of becoming an antenna that picks up signals from the underground and the future. So let s enter the dream and allow ourselves to be dazzled by the shamanic punk of Comunione. Originally released as a micropressing of just 20 copies on Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni, Iron Lung Records has made this essential piece of Anarchopunk inspired music available to a wider audience. We just had to. 200 pro-printed, black shelled cassettes housed in a 4 panel J-Card sleeve inside a clear-clear norelco box. Written, performed and recorded by Alessandro Gentili. Art by Francesco Goats. Check out the cassette on Bandcamp

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