DeadStoolPigeon – Hit The Bastards Where It Hurts. 1995 – 1997 3xLP


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DeadStoolPigeon’s complete discography from 1995 to 1997, which includes all of their songs from “This World”, “Strike Anthem” and “Statue” plus two additional covers. 30 smashers with a Socialist agenda!

After ManLiftingBanner disbanded, Michiel and Burt teamed up with Pepijn and Thomas from infamous Amsterdam punk bands NRA and Human Alert. The message carried forward with the same passion and energy as MLB. Enough food for thought to give food for thought to all unbelievers.

As for the music, it falls somewhere between Underdog vibes and traditional HC punk. So the music is pretty raw and unleashed, but always catchy and unique. There are also recorded covers of Alone in the Crowd and Underdog included.

400 copies on yellow vinyl, for the first time on vinyl after only CD releases. This is a real labour of love with a triple gatefold sleeve with loads of information about the band included.

We’ve managed to get 8 copies with the extra surprises that only came with the initial copies sold such as laminates, so don’t delay in grabbing these if you are in the UK and want to save on shipping. We are also selling them cheaper than the label coz we are cheeky like that he he.

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