Diall – S/T 7″


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Listen here:  https://crewcuts.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-5

Diall have taken a much-loved sound, made popular by bands like S.H.I.T, GAG and BIB, and somehow created six songs of the heaviest sounding weirdo hardcore you will possibly hear. I don’t quite know how they’ve done it, but this record stands out well above their contemporary chain-punk freaks. I think it has something to do with TONE – it’s immaculate. Across the board. Every instrument and the vocals – perfect, but not over-produced. Just perfect. It’s really quite impressive. I don’t know how many of ya listened to the bass on Pissed Jeans Why Love Now but it was possibly the greatest bass tone known to human kind. Second only to this. I can’t describe. Just tone-city. The riffs are pure golden chops that swirl, jab and weave behind deep, gnashing, nasty-as-fuck vocals. And the drums – true pounding energy which gives the whole record a lead-pipe with which to smack ya up in the bean. There is a definite “largeness” to the whole 7” which gives Diall’s mid-paced stomp and moments of fury a dizzying punch. It’s a superior listening experience. Did I mention there is groove?! Well there is.

Songs like Siloed and Golden Child are the hardcore hits which fulfil a punk’s two-step pit fantasy. Plus, the artwork is by Wesley Brown – my favourite hardcore/metal artist. It’s of a dog biting someone in the head. Lovely stuff.

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