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ROT-006 – Released May 2022

Diztort are America’s hardest Hardcore band right now and have been since 2017. They have put out three releases (2017 Demo, “Hell Is…” 12″ EP and this single) with an LP (“Vengeance Is Mine”) coming out by the end of this year. In addition to this, they have toured their assess off all across the United States, along with playing a headline gig at Damage Is Done Fest 2019 in London. Diztort have tons of staying power and their storming recorded output is a testament to that.
Diztort have a sound not dissimilar to the Heavy Hardcore bands of the 90s with a healthy dose of late 80s NYHC. However, this is a band with their own sound and their own style which nobody besides these five Californian dudes would be able to pull off competently. Along with the rest of their back catalogue, “Break Me Out” is an undisputed triumph and an exciting appetiser to the devastation that is soon to come…

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