Drill Sergeant – Vile Ebb 12″


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CONVR21 is Drill Sergeant s Vile Ebb. The debut LP from Philadelphia hardcore unit Drill Sergeant and the follow up to 2020 s demo – The Cosmic Leash. Clear influence here from bands like Infest and Crossed Out but with a cavernous, effected touch. Dark, heavy, fast hardcore music. Pressing Info First pressing of 300 records, 200 on black Cover art by Cain Cox. TRACKLISTING 1. D.S.N.W. 2. Laugh Track 3. Branded 4. The Cosmic Leash 5. Blood Nectar 6. Burning Question 7. Deep November 8. Good For You 9. Lodge 10. Cognition Gap 11. Their World 12. Real Evil 13. Sense of Community Listen to the LP https://convulserecords.bandcamp.com/album/vile-ebb

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