Electric Chair – Social Capital 7″


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Picking up right where Performative Justice left off with ELECTRIC CHAIR cranking out their pitch perfect hyper active USHC filled to the brim with snarl and style. These manglers have sharpened their sticks and aimed them square at the hackneyed garbage parade that is modern society, just jabbing away at it until all thats left is a bloodied lump and maybe a tooth or something. Listen and bear witness to one of the best punk bands of our generation doing what needs to be done. 1000 copies of Discharge black 70gr vinyl housed inside a stunning silver foiled glue pocket sleeve with 14×14 poster and download card included. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Jack Control. Art by Collin Buhr with photographs by Dave Hoekje and type-design by Leoff Spennit. (Iron Lung Records) Listen to the 7inch here https://ironlungpv.bandcamp.com/album/social-capital-lungs-179

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