Exotica – Musique Exotique 03 7″


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Exotica returns with Musique Exotíque #03, their third and best release to date. It s business as usual but the intensity has been ramped up and their chaotic nature more out of control. It s still pogo friendly, destructive to the ears and totally explosive, with special care on song writting. This is a band who have worn out their copy of the Xcentric Noise tape Raw War (The World Of Punk) from 1983 as it takes bits from UK82 – especially Perdition era Disorder, classic 80 s Brazilian Punk and Finnish hardcore, creating a kaleidoscope of the greatest punk era, keeping the attitude of what made international Hardcore Punk once so exciting but looking ahead instead of been another carbon copy punk band. The sleeve artwork continues the tradition of Tipito, encountering endless situations and dilemmas while the insert doubles as a lyric sheet and as band statement. Check out the 7inch on bandcamp https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/musique-exot-que-03-ep

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