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Fiddlehead is a Boston band featuring members of Have Heart and Basement, formed in 2014. They released their first EP ‘Out of The Bloom which took heavy influence from DC melodic hardcore of the 80s-90s like Fugazi and Rites of Spring. On April 13th, their first full length album Springtime and Blind will be released on Run For Cover Records. While still keeping the energy from their EP, this latest album sees the band taking their songwriting to the next level, putting vocalist Pat Flynn to the forefront. This is evident right from the opening track Spousal Lossinch where a very clear thesis of the record is stated loss. Whether its the loss of time on Lay Lowinch, or the loss of a loved one on USMAinch, its a clear premise that tangles itself throughout the record, and strives to and resolution. black smoke vinyl Listen to the record

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