Frske – Desecration Anxiety Ii LP


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From humble beginnings as a do-everything-yourself-because-people-aren t-ready-for-your-vision-yet basement rapper in The Biggest Little City (the underground of the underground) comes the rarified and clarified aural juggernaut known as FRKSE. Using a combination of tape loops, power electronics, sampled sounds, synths and some other stress inducing mysteries, FRKSE has found a unique place in the universe. A turbulent plane nestled somewhere between chattering industrial clamor and automatous world meditation. Desecration Anxiety II further projects visions of a tormented nirvana beyond the light of consciousness, an uncertain stillness. 300 copies of 150gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with insert and download card (though there are vinyl only tracks that are not included in the download). Artwork based on Desecration Anxiety I created by DAS-Auris Apothecary. Photography by Reid Haithcock. Mastered by April Golden. Check out the LP on Bandcamp

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