Gag – Killing For Both Realities 3 LP


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Have you longed, hoped…nay, prayed for the paradisical utopia where the availability of all GAG s yesteryear classics were at your beck and call? Well, long no longer… Killing For Both Realities 3 92, is the answer to your prayers! It s a collection of selections from the early EPs including hits like Don t Like, Intro, No Cops, Haunted Truck Bed, Clown Farm, I m A Punk, Locker Room, Chains And Barbwire, HAHAHA, Steel Shank, Chains And Barbed Wire, Raw Meat, Squeeze, Meth Lab, No Hope, No Change, Warm Milk and Warm Milk, sure to delight every listener s dangly lobes into sheer bliss. (Iron Lung) Check out the LP on Bandcamp

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