Lasso – Amuo 7″


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Less than a year after their debut, Brazils Lasso returns with their second EP. While Lassos razor-sharp riffing and songwriting remain intact, this time around the sound is thicker and meaner, as if what was presaged in the first EPs foreboding, ominous sound has finally come to pass. Indeed, as the world has slid into previously unthinkable depths of darkness and brutality, Lassos sound has evolved to match, a hard-won sense of steadiness now augmenting the anguish so palpable on their first record. Lasso also introduces a few new musical wrinkles here. A surf-y, Dead Kennedys-esque lead guitar elevates tracks like “Fechado Em Copas” and “Atarantado” to even higher levels of catchiness than their already-infectious debut, while “Mendaz” closes the record with an apocalyptic, mid-paced stomp. Desperate times call for desperate music, which makes Lasso the perfect soundtrack for 2022. Lasso will be touring Europe in May 2022. Look for a full announcement with dates soon! The first pressing is 150 copies on white vinyl and 250 copies on black, housed inside a pocket sleeve and also containing a fold out poster both featuring art from Carlos Casotti.

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