Life – Ossification Of Coral LP


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3rd full length from Tokyo s amazing crasher crusties LiFE. 13 tracks of their classic UK crust inspired raw noise. From crushing to catchy, sprawling and metallic to fast and aggressive. This is LiFE at their best. As always anti nuke, peace crusties offering hope and a message to respect and save the natural world. During this time of uprising in the US and around the globe Desolate will be donating $1 from each record sold to an organization of the bands choice. This is in hopes of retaining attention on concrete aspects of the struggles our music is in support of and acknowledgement of the continuing need created by the pandemic LiFE donations are going to Southside Harm Reduction a Minneapolis group providing Narcan, PPE, sanitation supplies, and other essential services to some of the most endangered people in the city. Dismantling police departments requires wide structural change and supporting vulnerable populations is an essential part of this. Released internationally by Desolate Records (US, Americas), Not Enough (EU), Acclaim Collective, Distro Rakkos, and Punk Bastard (Japan). This is the Desolate Records version. Check out the LP on Bandcamp

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