Mere Mortal – The Second Generation of Divine Beings Tape

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Mere Mortal are back! Running on from their explosive debut 12inch ‘Tartarus’, here come two new tracks showcasing how to walk the line between thrash metal and hardcore punk like their forbearers Onslaught and Sacrilege with intensity and raw power. ‘The Second Generation of Divine Beings’ continues it’s journey exploring Ancient Greek mythology and it’s relevance in today’s world all wrapped up in Liam Fox’s gnarly Bolt Thrower-esque voice. A deadly thrash assault, and an accomplished one at that. Members of NWOBHC from The Flex, Big Cheese and Farce.

Vocals – Liam Fox ● Guitar – Maegan Brooks ● Guitar – Joe Sam Williams ● Bass – Tom Pimlott ● Drums – Adam Rogers ● Recorded by Tom Pimlott @ Four By Four Studios + ● Adam Rogers @ Burley Park Pit Lab ● Mixed by Tom Pimlott @ Four By Four Studios ● Mastered by Adam Rogers @ Burley Park Pit Lab ● Logo by Eye Dust ● Art by Tom Pimlott ● 150 white cassettes with sticker and card sleeve
QCHQ-062, 2019

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