Mutant Strain – Self Titled 12″


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Sorry State is proud to present the debut vinyl from Charlotte, North Carolinas Mutant Strain. Mutant Strain has been playing for a while now, blowing away every band they share the stage with. Their sound is densely compressed and explosive, with intricate rock and roll riffing and wild, seemingly eight-armed drumming working around heavy, grooving bass lines and vocals that sound like theyre riling up an army of demons. The result is a batch of songs with MC Escher-esque complexity but straightforward, crowd-pleasing catchiness. In order to capture the energy and excitement of their live show, when Mutant Strain recorded these tracks with Hollywood Jefe (Vittna, Scarecrow), they not only recorded live, but also recorded the songs in batches of three with no breaks in between, just like when they play live. The result is a record that is as manic and exhilarating as being in the pit at a Mutant Strain gig. The LP version is limited to 500 copies and is elaborately packaged in an homage to old Crass Records releases, featuring a huge, 24inchx36inch 6-panel fold-out poster sleeve, printed inner sleeve, and multiple inserts. Check out the LP on Bandcamp

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