Obat Batuk – Songs About Tigersdragons N Sausages LP


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18 songs of obnoxious, tongue in cheek hardcore punk from the true-capital of Australia, Newcastle. Their second LP continues in the much loved tradition of the band not giving a shit about trending sounds, looks or anything remotely close. They wear their cheeky attitudes on their sleeves and prove there is no exclusivity to Obat Batuk – no dress code, no scene, just 100% D.I.Y. hardcore punk for the people! Sonically there is definite tinges of classic first wave hardcore, plug in, turn up, play hard and fast with bratty vocals to top it all off but there s also some faster elements with an obvious tipping of the hat to Perth s hardcore thrash maniacs RUPTURE. Listen to the record https://ngmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/songs-about-tigers-dragons-n-sausauges

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