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Listen here: https://onionizm.bandcamp.com/

Debut Vinyl Release for Atlanta’s ONIONIZM.

4 brand new tracks off of the new EP “Life Runs Like A Faucet” on Side A; with the previous demo + remixes by Atlanta’s own ‘Viadante’ on Side B.

‘It would be unsatisfying to simply resign Onionizm’s Life Runs Like a Faucet to the annals of lo-fi bedroom pop. The new EP, of course, has all the indelible marks of a cooped-up singer-songwriter on a steady diet of Duster and Daniel Johnston: sparse acoustic guitars against warm synthscapes; brief breaks of ambient noise; short-lived but infectious melodies. And yet the 4-song EP manages to escape easy categorization. For that, the Atlanta artist can primarily credit his own curiosity, his expansive form of experimentation—bringing in unfamiliar synth pads, ambitious sonic contrasts, and surprising guitar arrangements. In fact, surprise may be Onionizm’s greatest skill—imbuing new colour into a sound easy to mimic but difficult to push forward.’ – Dan Darrah

Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl, out of 200 copies.

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