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Sometimes a band just builds a kind of momentum where they just produce more and more rippers and Olympia s PHYSIQUE are clearly locked into a serious groove. THE RHYTHM OF BRUTALITY , their third 12inch in a year and a half, and released in time for their upcoming rampage across Europe, is another uncompromising slice of crasher crust ugliness, guitars hissing and squealing in anguish, searing radiation-buzz noise crudely marshalled into seven nasty hardcore salvos, from the punchy d-beat of We Make Noise to the punishing stomp of the title track and Miserable Existence , with its propulsive rolling punk beat half-drowned in feedback filth. PHYSIQUE slam together a knack for disgusting sonics with rock solid riffs for a rawpunk record in the vein of Disaster or Fader War that will scour the paint from your walls.

300 copies on white vinyl complete with a fold out A2 poster.

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