Porvenir Oscuro – Asquerosa Humanidad 12″


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NYCs PORVENIR OSCURO are back with their first full length after a very distant demo and 7inch. Made up of 13 tracks Asquerosa Humanidadinch doesnt let the foot off the gas for a second. It is relentless pogo inducing attack that falls somewhere between FERTIL MISERIA, RIP and early CHAOS UK. With tunes full of aggression, melody and fuzz in equal measure, laying the foundation for vocalist Sara to spit her vile. Lyrically the album deals with modern day frustration, showing little faith in humankind and a massive dis-respect towards authority like any self respecting person should. While stand firmly in the punk terrain PORVENIR OSCURO borrows from the rich worldwide sounds of the underground delivering a fully formed sound and aesthetic which is their own. Asquerosa Humanidadinch sleeve, labels and double sided A2 poster were designed by Guitarrist Gage Allison and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sasha Stroud at Artifact Audio. Listen here https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/asquerosa-humanidad

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