Rata Negra – La Hija Del Sepulturero Ep 7″


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One year after their Justicia Cósmicainch LP RATA NEGRA are back with a two song single of dark pop perfection. On the A side the Madrid power trio puts music to a poem of José María Gabriel y Galán (1870-1905) turning its melancholic prose into a mid tempo punk beauty with surf guitars and deep bass tones bringing to mind the almighty GOLPES BAJOS on speed. A chance meeting of Spanish Costumbrism and kitsch as seen on the songs video. The flip side Problemas, Noinch brings back to life VIDEOs minor hit from 1983 updating the Synth Pop of the original to a sharp upbeat punk jam which will have you dancing your shoes off. Recorded in Madrid at Metropol and mastered at Londons Finyl Tweek La Hija Del Sepulturero comes housed in a sleeve designed by the bands Guitarrist Fa with help from Vocalist Violeta and includes a lyric insert. Listen to the 7inch here https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/la-hija-del-sepulturero-e-p

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