Rata Negra – Una Vida Vulgar LP


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Rata Negra return with Una Vida Vulgarinch their third and best album. A truly pop infused punk record with an incredible production. The album harks back to their previous work in Juanita Y Los Feos but with more pop elements and a bigger and better production. Each of the ten tracks are so good, that they could be released as a single.The Rhythm Section is locked in and the guitars buzz but its the vocals that take this to pop heaven. The first side of the album starts with Venid A Ver and doesnt let up until the Phil Spector esque Cuando Me Muera. Flip over and its straight back to the upbeat gems, which just keep coming until the final track Romance De Lobos which ends the album in a more reflective album. Una Vida Vulgar is pure perfection and for fans of X, Blondie and Rik Agnew. (Sean Forbes) Released in Spain by Humo Internacional. Black vinyl Listen to the record https://humointernacional.bandcamp.com/album/una-vida-vulgar

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