RIXE Act IV 7″


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Listen: https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/act-iv

Originally released as a promo tape in 2018, Act IV is finally available on vinyl.

Rixe are back are with a fresh three song attack. “La Clé” is two minutes and twenty seconds of lean, mean and meaty Oi! that only Rixe over the last few years have perfected. It’s driving sound is built on razor sharp tight drums, a slightly phased guitar and vocals that bite and bark. “Nuit Rasoir” is another straight down the line pounder that could easily have been one of the first ten releases on No Future Records. “Les Cent Pas” is the final track and rounds off things with another stomper. The sound is bigger, punchier but still very much Rixe that you know and love.

Clear vinyl.

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