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Bullshit Monthly was a fanzine that chronicled the New York Hardcore scene from 1984 through 1991. Beyond interviews and record reviews, every bit of news that could be written down was crammed into its pages, mostly hand written with grainy photos, and sold at hardcore shows for 25–50 cents.

With this collection, gathering all of the issues together for the first time, your depth of knowledge and understanding about what was really going on in the 1980’s New York Hardcore scene will dramatically deepen.

Also includes a bonus section full of unreleased content along with issues #26-30 from 2013.

“Bullshit Monthly played just as much of a major role as the bands making that scene.” – Roger Miret, Agnostic Front

“Hand-drawn, hand-printed, typed, clipped, cut, pasted… look up ZINE in the encyclopedia of punk… you’ll see a picture of it right there.” – Mykel Board, Author

“Bullshit Monthly presented a comprehensive and thorough depiction of what WAS the NYHC scene of 1984-1991.” – Gary Goldstein, Tse Tse Fly Fanzine

“It had a personality and like its creator it was pure New York. It was responsible for more than one great NYHC group coming together.” – Sean Murphy, Collapse

“Reading it was like overhearing a thousand conversations outside CBGB’s at once.” – Brett Beach, Hardware Fanzine

260 pages, color cover / black and white interior
Perfect bound
8.5” x 14.0”

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