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Listen here: https://lastriderecords.bandcamp.com/album/gang-called-speed

With a mission in mind, SPEED is setting out to put Australian hardcore on
the map. Formed in 2019, the Sydney-based band has a no-holds-barred
approach and enticing sound that makes them standouts in the genre.
Composed of vocalist Jem, bassist Aaron Siow, guitarists Josh Clayton
and Dennis Vichidvongsa, and drummer Kane Vardon, SPEED showcases
a tough exterior, but amplifies their sense of identity, and community in
everything they do.

Following the release of their demo in 2019, the band teamed up with U.S.
label Flatspot Records for a two-song EP in 2020 and they joined forces
again for Gang Called Speed. Recorded with Elliott Gallart at Chameleon
Studios, the six songs on the EP are centered around recognizing who you
are in this world, taking ownership of that identity and not letting anyone
tell you otherwise. Drawing influence from old-school acts like BIOHAZARD
and MERAUDER just as much as bands like TRAPPED UNDER ICE, the
band is putting forth pit-ready music.

• New pressing of 559 on green and pink galaxy color vinyl
• One-sided 12” EP with etched B-side

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