SPEED PLANS – Statues Of God LP


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Listen here: https://ironlungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/statues-of-god-lungs-222

In the ripping hardcore scene that has recently cropped up in Pittsburgh surrounding bands like Living World, White Stains and Necro Heads comes Speed Plans; a writhing, drug fueled, violence machine of manic hardcore in the vein of Repos or Ripcord. When we were first contacting Speed Plans on account of their absolutely raging cassette output, they mentioned wanting to do an LP that was “15 fast ones and 1 slow one.” We were sold right then and there. If mean, fast, low-fi and low brow is what you’re after then look no further, you’ve arrived.

500 copies on 150gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded at Clean Living Audio. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air.

(Iron Lung)

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