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New Yorks Straw Man Army return with ‘SOS, the follow-up to their 2020 debut LP, ‘Age of Exile. Emerging from the D4MT Labs group that also includes Kaleidoscope and Tower 7, Straw Man Armys delicate musical touch, embrace of melody, and rapid-fire, clearly articulated vocals separate them from the louder and noisier end of New Yorks fertile punk scene. While ‘Age of Exile examined the legacy of colonialism through the musical milieu of melodic anarcho-punk, ‘SOS turns its attention to the increasingly bleak prospects for the human race and planet earth. While Straw Man Armys lyrical approach remains dense and thought provoking on ‘SOS, their musical scope grows wider, encompassing ‘Age of Exiles melodic take on anarcho, bleak and brooding post-punk, psychedelic instrumental excursions, and even the wistful pop of album highlight ‘Beware. ‘SOS is everything Straw Man Armys fans could have hoped for in a follow-up and so much more, cementing the bands status as one of the most original, exciting, and important groups in the contemporary punk underground (Daniel Lupton)

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