The Chisel – Come See Me Not The Only One 1st Press 7″ (First Press)


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Black vinyl Chisel this, Chisel thatinch — its on my phone, its on my hard drives, its on my turntable, its on my t-shirt, its on my Instagram, its on my blogspot, its tattooed on my forehead, my own parents renewed their wedding vows to Rat Running Scared.inch I pressed stop. I unplugged my headphones, turned down the volume, and snapped that god forsaken single in HALF. Enough was enough! But see me, yeah. Once the music stopped only one thought rang through my head What Have I Done? Where once there was explosive energy there was now a void. Lucky for me, the 5 loveable lads from Blackpool, Croydon, Acton, Chingford, and Guildford KEPT IT MOVIN, and just when I thought all was lost they brought me back in. Three more blasts of full fat extra saturated deep fried limb swinging confrontational uplifting chisel chiselling punk for that special space in your life. Enough said? No. Cos theyve done it again. (Jonah Falco) Listen to the 7inch here

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