The Corpse – Curse Of The Living Corpse LP


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Killer labour of love! Red vinyl Limited to 110 copies! In 2015, The Corpse celebrated 30 years since their inception. This release was supposed to be out for that event, but instead it s coming out right now. This LP contains two sessions that were never released before on any format. The first side is their unreleased Curse of the Living Dead demo from 1985. It sounds a bit different than their later stuff – more in the vein of Polish Punk-HC bands of the time, with some Bristol sound thrown in like Chaos UK or Disorder. Definitely more punk than thrash. Side B is a session from 1987 with 5 songs that were later re-recorded for their classic Fight Against Rules demo. Here we have their sound getting faster and more powerful, backed up with killer riffs that made this band one of the very best of Polish HC in the late 80 s. This is a one-time pressing strictly limited to 425 copies total. Check out the LP on bandcamp

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