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Hailing from the Jersey Shore, the Worst began their career in the late 1970s playing frequent gigs at legendary New York City dives like Max’s Kansas City and CBGB, drawing on the proto-punk sounds of the Stooges and MC5 and refining it into their own brand of proto-hardcore. By the early 1980s the band stripped things down even further to a high velocity hardcore sound and kicked off the legendary Mutha label with the release of their debut 7″ in 1982. Their follow-up release, the “Expect The Worst” 12″ from 1984, finds the band hitting their loud and fast peak with precision songwriting and performing rarely matched by other hardcore bands of the time. These vinyl releases have gone on to become top-shelf collector’s items, and rightfully so given the quality of the tunes contained within.

Originally released on CD in 2004 by Parts Unknown Records, this LP version combines both of The Worst’s incendiary vinyl releases with an 8-song live set recorded at the legendary Max’s Kansas City in 1979. Also includes a 12-page, 12″x12″ booklet containing rare flyers and photos, plus newly-penned liner notes by vocalist Do-It.

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Track Listing:
“The Worst” 7″ EP 1982
01. Time Zone
02. High Velocity
03. Futur
04. Frustration
05. Don’t Be Afraid

“Expect The Worst” 12″ 1983
06. We Are Those
07. Emergency Room
08. I Don’t Know
09. Going To New York
10. Go To Hell
11. Face
12. City Of Sin
13. Loud & Fast
14. I Wanna Stop

Live At Max’s Kansas City 1979
15. Make No Sense
16. Steppin’ Stone
17. My Love Is Contraband
18. Don’t Know Me
19. Your Mind
20. I Hate You Can’t You See
21. Destroy
22. No Shit

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