Va – Fuzzbrain Music 2020 Visions LP (Green)


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Fuzzbrain Music has rapidly become the bubbling epicentre of all things underground in the nations capital, achieving this all through the diametric tenacity of the labels founder, Ben Spence. To suggest the label harbours an eclectic taste would be more than a dramatic understatement evidenced by the debut physical release birthing itself in the form of a 13-song compilation showcasing just a microcosm of the talent surrounding the label but on an audacious macro stage. From the soaring highs of RnB renaissance maestros, Getaway to the crushingly guttural metallic hardcore precision mastered by Splitknuckle, the variation is unrelenting in exploration. From the deeply mellow but soulful hymns orated by West London s, Tuka to the opposingly discordant tones of DeijuVHS and Bl£M found in their pioneering industrial drenched hip-hop, never a predictable selection is anticipated anywhere across the Fuzzbrain roster. What any genre abiding enthusiast will find upon uncovering the contents of this disc is a realisation of their greatest sonic fantasies whilst simultaneously peering into the greater psyche of the labels vision a melting pot simmering together a multifaceted concoction of cultural influences giving off a decidedly uncompromising but wholly unifying London flavour. Check out Fuzzbrain Comp on YouTube

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