Vaaska – Inocentes Condenados Texas Hardcore Punk 7″


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A lot has happened in the three years since the FUTURO PRIMITIVO EP dropped in correlation with the band s 2016 Japanese tour and now VAASKA returns to a world that s worse off with what could possibly be their final statement in the form of the INOCENTES CONDENADOS EP. Six tracks of smoldering D-Beat based hardcore punk which could arguably be the greatest recording session of their 10+ years as a band. Mastered by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station in Sweden AKA exactly who you want to be twisting the knobs on a project like this. Each record comes in a Discharge style pocket sleeve with collaborative effort imagery by Todo Destruido, Jack Blackmon and Ryan Fromdeland. Limited to 500 copies. Listen to the 7inch here

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