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If you look at the band photo on Make Me Sicks insert, youll see people from pretty much all the best and most popular hardcore punk bands in Pittsburgh for the past few years. These people know how to make great hardcore punk, and Make Me Sick is White Stains doing just that. While White Stains isnt as as blistering as Loose Nukes or as brutally intense as Blood Pressure, thats only because theyve taken a different tack here, channeling the snotty, punky hardcore of bands like the Circle Jerks, Sick Pleasure, and Chronic Sick. Of those bands, Circle Jerks is the most apt comparison given how White Stains snottiness comes along with so much catchiness and rhythmic density. And like Group Sex, the drum parts are almost catchier than the riffs hereā€¦ I need to be careful listening to this while driving because these songs might make steering seem less important than air drumminginch (Daniel Lupton) European press. Originally released on Song Book. Listen to the LP https://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/make-me-sick

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