Witchtrial – Self Titled 12″


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Second release! With the passage of two years since the release of their demo, along with a hefty helping of gigs under their belts, Mid-Atlantic powerhouse WITCHTRIAL have at long last bestowed upon us all the absolutely thunderous offering that is their self titled 12inch EP. Drawing equally on the cult sounds of mid-80 s international hardcore punk and the early days of underground extreme metal, WITCHTRIAL has made it their duty to remind us that there d be no HELLHAMMER without DISCHARGE and no BATHORY without GBH. This slab features 6 brand new cuts of the driving metalpunk madness that many a maniac has embraced since the group s inception. Recorded by Carson Cox and mixed, mastered by Will Killingsworth ensuring a sonic assault that is unmatched. Each record comes in a jacket emblazoned with a dazzling layout designed by Reuben Storey. Check out the LP https://beachimpedimentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-2

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