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Listen here: https://schemehardcore.bandcamp.com/

Hardcore from nowhere but Connecticut, There’s no apt cliche to capture the tangible feeling of unity that Wreckage represents up and down the east coast, it’s something so visceral but at the same time impossible to capture to put on a shelf and nostalgize without being a living breathing part of it. Luckily….:”Self In All” is finally here, a 7″ EP you can have and hold, and imagine those precious moments in time. We can’t effectively sell you an experience, but Wreckage “Self In All” can maybe scratch that nerve to feel something alive and have it reverberate through you  in a close enough way to feeling the real thing. The songs are rife with technique and a little more melody than the last go around but make no mistake, it’s 100% Connecticut Hardcore.
Black Vinyl
This record has a full-color, reverse board jacket and a full-color 14″ x 14″ double-sided, uncoated stock insert.
1.Can’t Let This Die
2.Test of Time
3.What’s Left
4.More to This
5.Screaming Out
Layout and Design by Kyle Niland
Photos by Joe Vitorino
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Torak at The Source in New Haven Connecticut

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